The authorities have returned the assets of Bitfinex, which were confiscated after the hack

The DNS department, which deals with security inside the United States, made a refund to the Bitfinex crypto exchange of funds. We are talking about assets confiscated according to the hacker attack case back in 2016.

Press release of the Department: what is reported

The materials report that the ministry greatly helped to withdraw the stolen funds. The amount was more than 6.9 BCH. At the moment, this amounts to almost $1950. they also returned a little more than 312 thousand dollars. in the form of cash.

The company stated that according to the obligations of the crypto exchange to the owners of coins, these funds are used to repay the RRT assets that the platform issued as confirmation of the right to restore. This happened immediately after the hacking in 2016.

The employees of the site reported that they now have about 30 million such coins in circulation. The terms state that the owners will be able to conduct a one-to-one exchange (1 RRT to 1 USD) to recover the stolen funds.

During the hacking, about 120 thousand bitcoins were stolen. At that time, the amount was only almost $ 72 million, but now it reaches $ 3.6 billion at current quotes. The main movement of stolen assets occurred in 2020. After 2 years, the attacker was caught together with an accomplice.

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