Circle has created a wallet platform for developers

The issuer of stable coins, USDC, stated that it had launched a wallet-as-a-service platform. It was created for Web 3.0 Apps developers.

What is known about the service

The site is currently being tested at the beta stage. Developers can integrate a cryptocurrency wallet into the interface of their applications. You can also configure all the necessary functionality.

The platform is actually an extension that fits any blockchain to gain access to non-interchangeable tokens, cryptocurrencies and other types of digital assets. Now support for Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche has been added. However, others will be added in the future.

The CEO of the company said that if the user understands the technical issues, then he can connect to the platform himself to launch the application.

This stage involves the personal storage of private keys to users. In addition, in a future update, developers will be able to exercise control over them.

Multi-sided calculations are involved on the site. This allows you to get rid of single points of failure. It also provides protection against theft of funds and hacking. At the same time, developers can independently pay for transactions to make it easier to interact with the crypto wallet.

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