MetaMask has updated the interface

Specialists of the popular crypto wallet decided to adjust the interface of the program, presented in the form of a browser version. Now v10.33 has been released, experts said in their account.

What are the innovations in the crypto wallet

The team combined the data in the header of the program. There the system indicated the address, connection, network and account. Now they are on the same line. Experts believe that this has reduced the "visual noise".

The developers noted that the display of the connection status to the resource is now more understandable. It is located on the right in the corner. Thanks to this, users will be able to easily see and control the dApps with which they use the crypto wallet.

Other innovations were also introduced. For example, the profile selection was separated from the navigation in the main menu. We also made the transfer of the network selector to the left from the top.

The developers said that they want to continue encouraging habits that contribute to security and stability in Web 3.0. At the same time, they noted that interaction will become easier and more comfortable.

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