ZKSpace has Launched its DEX in the zkSync Era Crypto Network

The developers of the crypto project announced that they will integrate the ZKSwap DEX platform with the zkSync Era level 2 solution. A press release was issued for this purpose.

What is known now

ZKSwap is a DEX platform founded with the help of ZKRollup. The latter was launched back in 2021. It uses ZKSpace's L2 solutions. Now there is support for 4 key coins: WBTC, WETH, ETH and USDC.

zkSync Era is a second—level system that is responsible for increasing the scalability of the Ethereum crypto network. It was developed by the organization Matter Labs. Llama experts report that TVL is $186 million, after the alpha version of the mainnet was launched. This happened in the early spring of this year. Now the crypto network already supports 55 decentralized financial crypto projects.

The ZKSpace development team announced that there will be integrated concentrated liquidity soon. This will improve the user experience. It will also help to provide protection against slippage. The creation of the exchange's inter-network compatibility will also continue. As a result, it will be able to distribute liquidity between all projects.

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