Coinbase intentionally violated the law: SEC opinion

The lawyers of the department reported that they doubt the correctness of the statements of the Coinbase crypto exchange. We are talking about the fact that the platform allegedly did not know that it violates the law with regard to securities. This was reported by The Block.

What the SEC lawyers say

The lawyers of the department drafted a letter. It claims that the company, which has a multibillion-dollar capital and an experienced legal consultant, says that it did not know that it might be violating federal securities laws. At the same time, the company believed that when the listing of shares was approved two years ago, it became a confirmation from the department of the legitimacy of its main services forever. Lawyers emphasize that the exchange has adopted this legal framework as the basis for launching the listing. However, she now claims that the same base cannot be applied to her activities.

Moreover, the chief legal adviser replied that the agency again ignores the arguments of the company and repeats the same accusations.

In the near future, the court will consider all the arguments and decide whether to consider these cases. Recall that at the beginning of last month, the agency filed a civil lawsuit against the Coinbase crypto exchange.

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