Kennedy Jr. invested a quarter of a million dollars in bitcoin

At the end of June, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. had reserves of digital gold from one hundred thousand dollars to 250 thousand. This is reported by CNBC, confirming the statement with a corresponding report.

What the reporting says

The materials indicate that these investments yielded a profit of less than $ 201. However, at the same time, it does not say how he received digital assets. At the same time, representatives of the politician said: he really is the owner of these assets.

Data on the cryptocurrency investments of one of the possible future presidents became publicly available at the moment when, in late spring, he made a statement that he accepted charitable payments in digital gold. 

Recall that at the Bitcoin 2023 conference, Kennedy Jr. indicated that he considers digital assets as a symbol of democracy and freedom. However, then he denied his own investments in the first cryptocurrency. Along with this, he said that he was not an investor and was not at the conference to give investment advice.

In mid—spring, he announced that Bitcoin is an alternative to TradeFi. In addition, he issued strong criticism of US regulators, as they are at war with cryptocurrencies, which caused a banking crisis in the country.

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