The new social network from Meta has already become famous for fake accounts of cryptocurrency projects

We are talking about the Threads small blogging service, which was recently launched by Meta. It became known that fake accounts of projects that allegedly deal with cryptocurrencies appear in it.

Details about fake accounts

Last week, Jeffrey Haung (an entrepreneur in Taiwan) was informed that his fake account under the nickname machibIgbrother appeared on the Threads platform.

Now these accounts have not posted links to promote the scam. They also have a fairly low activity. 

Recall that the start of microblogging was announced on July 4. In the AppStore application service, the application became available on the 6th. As soon as the launch took place, the Twitter team announced the threat of filing a lawsuit against the company, since it used someone else's intellectual property on its new site.

We also inform you that on the day of the launch of the Threads application, it became known about the hacking of the Aptos account on Twitter. Before that, the attackers were able to gain control over the accounts of the Circle manager and SEO The Sandbox.

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