Revoke: a new version of SCAM has appeared

The team of programmers who developed the Revoke operations control application recently announced that an updated version of fraud has appeared, having "fake approvals".

What the developers say

The team reported that the scammers started sending fake coins to the participants. In the application interface, they needed their additional confirmation. The smart contract of tokens was made specifically so that when the operation was canceled, you had to pay huge amounts in the form of commissions.

To implement their fraudulent scheme, the attackers used "gas tokens". This type of asset created with the help of EVM appeared only a couple of years ago. This happened against the background of the growth of fees in the Ethereum crypto network. The solution was implemented according to EIP-3529.

Thanks to this technology, participants could produce coins at times of low gas charges. At the same time, when it increased, they can be burned. Thanks to this, it was possible to fix a low commission, which allowed users to save money.

Now this technique is no longer relevant in the Ethereum crypto network. However, for other EVM networks, such as BNB Chain, it is still popular, which opens the way for fraud.

To combat it, Revoke integrated additional functionality. He analyzes the amount of fees and informs crypto participants if the indicator is too high.

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