A discount in bitcoin quotes appeared on the American Binance

Today is the first cryptocurrency in quotes with the US dollar on Binance.US was trading around $2,200 (that's about 7.3%) at a discount compared to its price against USDT. This data is provided by CoinGecko.

What is known about this

The difference between the rates appeared yesterday. A similar situation occurred with other cryptocurrencies paired with USDT or USD. For example, Ethereum "depeg" has a debt of $ 130. This is about 7% discount. Tether also fell under this. It is trading today at a discount of 7.3%.

A month ago, users were banned from depositing dollars. As a result, there were massive sales among them. This applies to those who want to withdraw assets in fiat.

According to Cointelegraph, referring to the site's letter to users, this option will be completely closed on the 20th of this month. As a result of the implemented boundaries, arbitrageurs will not be able to make a profit as a result of the difference in quotes.

The publication reminds that at the end of spring there was the same situation at the Binance.Australia division. Then the local regulator put a lot of pressure on the site.

Later, the crypto platform stopped cooperating with Paysafe. If an alternative is not found, it will be impossible to deposit and withdraw assets in euros from the beginning of autumn.

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