The influx of assets into crypto funds continues

Cryptocurrency funds report that the inflow of assets continues for the third week. From the 1st to the 7th, investments amounted to more than $ 136 million. At the same time, the figure was $124.7 million a week earlier. These data were reported by CoinShares specialists.

What is known about investments

The infusion of assets over the past 3 weeks amounted to $ 470 million. This amount 100% compensated for the outflow of money in the previous 9 weeks. Since this year, the infusion in its pure form has amounted to about $ 230 million.

Trade activity as a result of "seasonal factors" fell to one billion dollars. A week earlier, the figure was $2.3 billion.

At the same time, users again focus on the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin products were able to receive about $133 million. At the same time, the figure was 123 million dollars a week earlier.

Investors were able to withdraw $1.8 million at the sites that allow opening bitcoin shorts. Over the last reporting period, the figure was less than a million dollars. The negative dynamics lasted all 11 weeks.

Ethereum funds showed an infusion in the amount of $ 2.9 million. at the same time, over the past same period, it amounted to $ 2.7 million. other altcoins also had positive dynamics. However, this does not apply to Cardano, where there was an outflow of $ 1.3 million.

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