Alpha version of the Linea mainnet

The Linea project is being developed by Consensys. It is a second-level solution. It is based on the zero-disclosure proof technology ZK-Rollups.

What is known about the alpha version of the mainet

The developers report that the project was able to reach an important stage for the implementation of scaling of the Ethereum crypto network. As part of this initiative, they began to deploy an alpha version of the main network within the framework of zkEVM.

This stage is the next after the successful phase of the test crypto network. As part of the latter, 5.5 million unique crypto wallets were created. They have performed over 46 million operations. This suggests that Linea is one of the largest projects with a high growth rate of Goerli.

The crypto project is going to attract launch partners. This will happen before the crypto network is widely opened in the ETHCC process.

The project is made with zero disclosure proof and full compliance of the Ethereum virtual machine. Thanks to this, developers will be able to develop scalable dApps. They also have the ability to migrate existing applications without changing the code or rewriting the smart contract.

To develop the alpha version of the main crypto network, Linea developers created, tested and developed prototypes of various updates that relate to key elements of the zkEVM architecture. These changes will improve:

  • Performance of the crypto network.
  • Comfort for users.
  • Transaction costs.

The development team states that it is unwaveringly committed to the goal of scaling the second-tier Ethereum, ensuring efficiency, security and convenience for users.

The launch takes place jointly with more than 100 partners. An entire ecosystem is being created where it will be possible to create scalable applications in a new generation crypto network.

The alpha version will have a higher bandwidth. At the same time, the commission for transactions will be 15 times lower than in the main Ethereum crypto network of the first level. There will also be deeper integration with MetaMask. The latter is going to provide popular functionality in Linea. We are talking about Bridge, Swap and Buy.

The developers claim that as soon as partners begin to switch to the alpha version, many scalable dApps will be created. We are talking about games, non-interchangeable tokens, identification, decentralized social networks, etc.

What developers report

The alpha version will allow you to adapt partners and users. At the same time, the work of the system will be monitored and support will be provided to participants who are able to create new opportunities. Users will be able to use the alpha version for training and further use of Linea in applications.

The update includes:

  • Pooling to reduce fixed verification costs for second-level blocks.
  • Introduction of a new version of Canonical Message Service.
  • Implementation of the new version of Canonical Token Bridge.
  • Modernization of the zkEVM accumulative contract.
  • Upgrading the prover and creating blocks.

The developers report that they will soon provide more detailed information. However, it is already known that RPC will be available only to partners. The user interface will be protected with a password.

When there will be an ETHCC process, it is planned to make the network public. However, restrictions will be left. For example, it will be impossible to withdraw funds when working with project partners. This will allow developers to protect user assets and monitor the situation.

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