Need to check the Prometheum cryptocurrency broker

Tommy Tuberville is a Republican U.S. senator. He put forward an initiative to test the business of Prometheum, a cryptocurrency broker. The proposal was put forward for the Ministry of Justice and the SEC department.

What is known about the initiative

Other Republicans in the House of Representatives also expressed support for this decision. We are talking about Ralph Norman, Mark Alford, Blaine Lutmeyer and others.

The brokerage firm includes Ember Capital. She was the first to register with the Securities Authority and FINRA as a broker-dealer. At the same time, it has a special purpose with regard to cryptocurrencies.

Tuberville sent an open letter to the heads of structures. It was sent to Merrick Garland and Gary Gensler.

In an open document, the official indicated suspicions about the head of Prometheum. He sees lies under oath at Congressional events. He also believes that there are violations of the law regarding securities. He sees this as a possible deception of clients when reporting to the securities office.

The document says that the head has indicated to the Congress regarding his own development of a cryptocurrency platform since 2019. The Commission's data says that until 2021, the Company talked about subordination from Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain. According to the senator, she is connected with the main party of China.

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