Crypto Employees in the industry Decreased by 10%

Over the past year, the number of vacancies in the crypto industry has fallen by 10%. The number of employees decreased from 210 thousand people. Up to 190 thousand dollars. This is stated in the K33 Research report.

More about the report

The document states that approximately 10 thousand organizations operate in the industry. The total cost reaches about 180 billion dollars. About 60% of employees work in companies that are engaged in trading or investing.

Approximately 30% of employees who operate in the crypto industry live in the United States. About 35% of employees live in Asia and Australia and 20% in India.

Europe accounts for about 24% of employees. At the same time, the UK is the leader here. It has about 13 thousand jobs.

The executive director of the analytical company claims that according to the general trend, most companies have laid off many employees. The exception was the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. He also claims that the companies are now afloat only because they have received significant funding. 

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