The largest crypto exchanges are most visited by Russian users

In June, Russian users were able to generate a significant part of the traffic for cryptocurrency exchanges. So, they brought 6% Binance, ByBit — 19%, Gate.io - 10%, Bitget — 16% and Huobi — 17%. This data was provided by Colin Wu.

What else does the journalist report

The specialist in his blog reports that over the past month, visits to centralized crypto exchanges fell by 8%. Huobi's indicators were the worst. The outflow of users was 37%. For Bitgat and Bitfinex, they are somewhat lower. However, the outflow is still significant — 29% and 27%, respectively. 

Such cryptocurrency platforms as Deribit were able to show an increase. Their values have grown significantly — up to 46%. OKX exchange took the second place with an increase of 11%, while ByBit is in the third place — about 5%.

Along with this, the total volume of spot trading on centralized crypto exchanges was able to grow. The indicator reached an average of 10.4% on the sites. There are also distinguished ones here — Bitmatr (more than 60%), and Upbit (48%) and ByBit (35%). The worst indicators were found at the sites Crypto.com . — a drop of 18%, Huobi — by 17% and Mexc — by 10%.

Futures trading increased by 9.5%. The leaders were Bitmart (more than 45%), Deribit (15%) and Kucoin (14%). The greatest decline occurred on crypto.com — they have minus 29%, Gate.io Bitmex also saw a 17% drop, losing 5%.

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