ARK Invest reduces the number of Coinbase shares at home

The main ETF fund managed by ARK Invest has sold more than 135 thousand shares of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. The amount is more than $ 13 million.

Reasons for selling shares

ARK Invest started buying shares of the cryptocurrency exchange again last fall. Before that, the company was taking a break for 4 months. After the resumption of the purchase, it increased its positions. However, in March, I decided to get rid of a package worth $ 13.5 million.

The following month, the funds again carried out the purchase of shares of the crypto exchange. The amount then amounted to more than $8.5 million. The transaction was carried out at the time of filing a judicial complaint of the cryptocurrency platform against the securities office.

In May, investment companies owned by ARK Invest again invested in two rounds. In the first, more than $ 8 million was invested, in the second less — $ 7.5 million.

The last purchase was on June 6. On the same day, the agency filed a lawsuit against the cryptocurrency exchange. At that time funds. ARK Invest owned purchased less than 420 thousand shares. The amount amounted to more than $21.5 million. However, it has now become known about the sale of shares in the amount of $ 13.5 million.

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