STEPN will distribute coins ahead of the game's release

The Find Satoshi Lab organization was engaged in the development of the STEPN crypto project. It is a "move and earn" model. The company announced the distribution of 2 million GMT tokens to promote Gas Hero.

What is known about the distribution

The competition will last for three months. Its participants need to develop a design for the elements of the future game. 

The winners will be chosen based on the uniqueness of the idea, the quality of the design and the presence of an interesting background.

Gas Hero is planned to be launched this year. It is being developed in the MMO genre. It will be possible to log into the game in browsers via both PCs and smartphones.

The developers reported that the plot will unfold in the near future — 2084. The story indicates that AI maliciously brought the world to a nuclear apocalypse. Players will have to fight among themselves and create their own bases.

Note that the STEPN game was developed on the Solana and BNB Chain blockchains. Users are rewarded for walking or jogging with GST or GMT tokens. However, the user needs to buy NFT sneakers.

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