Spot trading on crypto exchanges Fell by 36%

In the second quarter, the total trading volume on the spot market decreased by 36%. We are talking about the 20 largest cryptocurrency platforms. The indicator fell by almost $1 trillion. this data is provided by CoinMarketCap.

What is known about the fall

Binance has been leading in spot trading for the last six months. Its share is almost 60%. Along with this, the five largest exchanges have an indicator of 85%.

With regard to the offer, centralized platforms support more trading pairs with cryptocurrencies. At the same time, they are constantly expanding the number of tokens through listing. Binance is also in the lead here, having a large capitalization. At the same time, it focuses on popular and high-quality assets.

Binance also leads in reserves. It has about $57 billion in reserve. The second place is shared by OKX and Bifinex crypto exchanges. They have $10 billion in reserves.

If compared with the previous reporting periods, the customer support remained approximately at the same values. Most of the reserve accounts for digital gold and various stable coins.

For half a year, most of the coins issued by the exchanges themselves have a net positive yield. However, bitcoin remains the leader in growth with an increase of 182%.

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