GameFi will be on Google Play

Google Play will open the possibility of adding decentralized financial games and applications in which it will be possible to buy, sell and earn cryptocurrency.

What is known about the initiative

The tech giant said it is committed to supporting the needs and commitment of developers. Reddit acted as a partner.

Joseph Mills, who is responsible for products in Google Play, said that rethinking the usual games where user content is used, increasing loyalty by issuing rewards in non-interchangeable tokens, developers can expand their activities. At the same time, Google only welcomes this and is glad to such initiatives.

The head stressed that additional measures will be applied to ensure the safety and protection of players. He explained this by the fact that there is an extremely large amount of fraud in the cryptocurrency industry.

Additionally, he recalled that the company requires a high level of transparency from applications regarding cryptocurrencies for players and users.

Developers of such applications will need to additionally indicate the presence of blockchain elements in the Play Console. At the same time, they will be subject to the gambling policy that is in effect at the tech giant.

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