The influx of cryptocurrencies to illegal sites fell by 65%

In six months, the influx of cryptocurrencies to illegal sites has decreased by 65%. Such data is provided by the analytical service Chainalysis.

What the report says

Experts have noticed that there is a reduction in the total volume of operations. However, the outflow of legal services is much lower — about 28 percent. The influx to illegal addresses has fallen in almost all directions. However, the biggest drop is observed in the field of "fraud".

In six months, cryptocurrency scammers were able to earn significantly less than last year. The indicator decreased by $3.3 billion. At the same time, the most common option is ransomware. With their help, the attackers were able to earn almost $ 450 million.

Analysts say that if such rates are maintained, extortionists will be able to receive a little less than $ 900 million this year. The indicator will yield only to 2021. Then the scammers were able to earn a little less than $ 940 million.

It should be noted that in six months the crypto industry has lost more than $ 655 million. This happened due to hacker hacks and rug pull.

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