The Xterio project received $15 million from Binance Labs.

Binance Labs is the venture division of the cryptocurrency exchange. She stated that she had invested $15 million in the Xterio project. The latter is a Web 3.0 gaming platform.

What is known about the project

Xterio is a Swiss company. She develops onechain-games and Free-to-Play. It is known that the invested money will be used for the development of the site. New projects with the integration of artificial intelligence will also be launched.

Binance plans to maintain a partnership to help develop the project. There will also be integration of the native token of the BNB Chain platform.

One of the creators of the project, Michael Tong, said that these large investments indicate that Binance Labs sees long-term prospects for Web 3.0 games. This is also confirmed by the project as a first-class playground with a global level. Investments will help expand the possibilities of developing a transformative token, as well as high-quality games and applications.

At the moment, the project is developing an AI generator that will create game models. He also creates an emotion engine for AI.

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