Hedge funds are becoming more confident in digital assets: PwC opinion

Hedge funds are increasingly confident that digital assets are valuable and sustainable for the long term. These conclusions were reported by PwC analysts together with other specialists from AIMA and CoinShares.

What analysts say

Hedge funds' confidence was not affected even by the fall in the share of companies that invest in digital assets this year. Note that the drop was 8%. At the beginning of the year, the share was 37%, and now it is 29%.

More than 90% of respondents expect that the capitalization of cryptocurrencies will grow at the end of this year. The majority of respondents have a positive alpha (a coefficient showing the profitability of an asset). This information was provided by Alexander Schmidt, CoinShares specialist responsible for managing the index fund.

More than 50% of respondents in traditional structures reported that they are not ready to invest in cryptocurrencies in the next three years.

The study showed that hedge funds with open positions in the crypto industry will maintain or increase investments. At the same time, I do not care about the high volatility or uncertainty of regulators. 

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