Dapper Labs laid off more than 50 people

The head of the company, Roham Garegozlow, said that 51 people were fired. They were great colleagues and friends. It should be noted that the NFT company has already carried out the third wave of layoffs in a year.

What is known about layoffs

The head published a corporate letter, where he reports that the decision was given with difficulty, as it affected amazing employees. However, this was necessary to ensure the stability and efficiency of the company.

Growjo reports that about 12% of employees have been fired. Last fall, it became known about the reduction of 22% of employees in the company. this is about 130 people. 3 months later, the NFT company made another reduction. It affected 20% of the state.

The head said that the company, like blockchain Flow, has a good capitalization. He believes that thanks to the restructuring, it is possible to put more emphasis on users. This will ensure the healthy development of the participants.

The specialist added that the blockchain has funding from another pool of the company. Therefore, the team has a reserve of funds for the next couple of years. At the same time, there is no need to sell coins to finance short-term operations at the moment.

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