Digitex received a $15 million fine.

The American court of federal appointment demanded that the Digitex Futures cryptocurrency exchange and its head pay $ 15 million. The fine was imposed as part of a lawsuit from the CFTC regulator regarding fraud and work in the absence of a license.

What is known about the case and the fine

The regulator claims that the crypto exchange has made attempts to manipulate the value of the native DGTX coin. She also provided futures contracts illegally. At the same time, she did not have the opportunity to register with the regulator. She also did not integrate the KYC/AML verification procedure.

A representative of the regulator said that the SEO of the crypto exchange carried out the "pumping" of tokens using a computerized bot.

In the summer of 2020, the crypto exchange made demands to its clients to deposit the platform token into their own accounts in order to conduct margin trading on the futures market. At that time, the crypto exchange was preparing a launch. At the same time, the official says, the value of the coin was pumped. Such data was reported by other cryptocurrency exchanges.

In addition to the fine, the court imposed a ban on the activities of the crypto exchange, as well as companies and structures that are associated with it. At the same time, the regulator warns that users will not be able to receive 100% compensation, since the site may simply not have enough funds.

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