The largest crypto exchanges will conduct Ripple relisting

Several major crypto exchanges have announced that they plan to return trading with the XRP coin to the United States. This decision was made after Ripple's victory against the SEC in court.

Which exchanges will return XRP trades

Yesterday, the Coinbase crypto exchange announced that it would be relisting the coin. This information was confirmed by the chief legal adviser of the cryptocurrency platform, Paul Greval.

Gemini crypto exchanges also announced that they have begun studying the listing of the Ripple coin for the spot and derivative market.

The press release of the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange also says that the coin will be listed. The document states that trading has already been launched in conjunction with bitcoin, Ethereum and the stable coin Tether.

Exchange Crypto.com added to the list of sites where American users can already trade coins. To do this, you can use the crypto exchange application. At the same time, trading is conducted with the US dollar, euro and other fiat currencies. The message also indicates that the coin can be purchased at a real price in US dollars.

Today, Binance has already announced that it is opening the trading of XRP/USDT cryptopairs. Bidding will be conducted on Binance.US . Similar actions were carried out on Bitstamp.

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