Criticism of Binance from PopcornSwap Victims

Users began to accuse the Binance crypto exchange of inaction. This concerns solving problems for clients of the PopcornSwap crypto project, which conducted an exit scam. The damage was estimated at $15 million.

What criticism sounds in the direction of Binance

The user Neonmatrixbox wrote that Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges. However, her behavior is disturbing, as it contradicts the voiced ideology that the client comes first.

Recall that at the beginning of 2021, the team of a decentralized financial crypto project launched with the help of Binance Smart Chain was able to assign 48 thousand BNB coins. Then the amount was about $ 2.2 million. The platform has frozen these assets. However, she did not take a single step to compensate for the compensation. The user claims that such inactivity speaks of a centralized nature. This, in his opinion, does not correspond in any way to the principles of the platform, which she declares.

The user also noted that this approach confirms selective intervention in onechain transactions as a centralized authority. At the same time, when they carried out such actions, they did not achieve full permission to do so.

The victims believe that the exchange is able to return the stolen assets. After all, the site has a mechanism for burning coins. That way they could destroy the stolen ones and release new ones to make up for the damage.

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