SEC wants to check on the attitude to the cryptocurrency industry

Richie Torres, a Democrat member of Congress, has put forward a demand to conduct an audit with regard to the SEC department. He believes that the Commission approaches cryptocurrencies haphazardly and tyrannically.

What else does the politician say

The official says that the department is now showing itself to be an overzealous policeman. At the same time, "he" freely issues fines to drivers. Also, this "policeman" does not tell what speed limit is set. He also notes that the SEC preferred communication through force and submission. However, it does not use rules or recommendations.

The official decided to request an audit after the agency issued a license to a broker-dealer with a special purpose for digital securities. We are talking about Prometheum.

Torres emphasizes that this is a dubious decision regarding the issuance of a license. It misleads cryptocurrency platforms. It also suggests that the head of the Commission is trying to politicize registration to such a stage, which is rare in the history of the department.

Therefore, he sent the initiative to investigate to the office of the Inspector General of the department and the Accounting Chamber. Recall that Tuberville demanded from the Ministry of Justice and the department to analyze the activities of Prometheum, as he suspects its head of lying.

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