Safe company is expanding the functionality for smart profiles

The platform that manages Safe cryptocurrencies has implemented the ERC-4337 standard. It was executed in the abstraction stack of profiles owned by Safe (Core) developers who support version 1.4.1.

What the company says

The Ethereum development team added the ERC-4337 standard to the main crypto network this spring. It allows you to integrate profile abstractions for a cryptocurrency wallet. Thanks to this, it is transformed into a smart contract.

Safe developers explain that this standard has abstraction from the hard-coded logic of external profiles (EOA). It is also removed from the difficulties that caused difficulties when using such crypto wallets. We are talking about pain points, for example seed phrases, gas fees or profile restoration.

The developers noted that they were able to implement smart profiles in the spring of this year. To do this, Safe (Core) was launched. Now there are more than 3.5 million such customers. At the same time, they are launched in 12 different blockchains.

Prior to the introduction of the standard in the stack of tools, only the profile abstraction technology developed by Gelato organizations was available to users.

A simplified interface is now available. They can log in without having to enter data, use the social network. recovery. Batch operations, hybrid storage, etc. are also available.

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