Multichain no longer works

The team of developers who created the Multichain cross-chain protocol announced that it was ceasing its activities. They cited the lack of alternative data and operational assets as the reasons.

What else did the developers of Multichain say

The team confirmed that since the end of May, the head of the Multichain company has stopped contacting. This has happened since Zhao Jun was detained by the Chinese police.

The developers reported that they communicated with his family. From them, the team learned that all the devices that belonged to the head were confiscated by the police.

Experts also reported that since the development of the project, all operating funds and investments were managed by the head. This suggests that all assets and access to the servers are with Zhao and law enforcement.

Multichain's problems began in the same period when the head was arrested. Users have noticed that operations on the network hang as a result of an error when updating the crypto network. In early June, developers were able to access the chapter's home PC to fix technical problems.

Note that a week ago, users' funds were transferred to unknown crypto addresses. 2 days later, the head's sister transferred the clients' assets to routers. She reported this to the team because she wanted to keep the assets. However, the police immediately arrested her.

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