Implementation of the Lightning Network in Binance

The Binance crypto platform has completed the introduction of bitcoin (LN) micropayments into its system. Now users can perform operations using the Lightning Network.

What they say in the crypto exchange

The crypto exchange development team stated that users have a new deposit option — via the Lightning Network. They will be able to select it as a function. You can additionally withdraw and replenish bitcoins through other networks, such as BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum and SegWit.

Lightning Network has implemented not only Binance. Before that, the function was implemented on Kraken, Bitfinex, OKX and other sites.

The decision to integrate LN to the Binance crypto exchange became known in May. Then there was an internal violation in the system, as there was an overload of bitcoin. To prevent such situations, the developers decided to implement an alternative solution — LN.

After that, the development team published a report that new nodes of the system were launched.

The LookIntoBitcoin service reports that the throughput of such operations has been increasing recently. At the same time, only last week showed a decline. At the moment, the value is 4864 bitcoins. The amount is slightly more than $ 146 million.

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