Coinbase is thinking about Suspending Staking in 4 American states

The Coinbase crypto exchange has announced that it will discontinue the staking service for a while. The decision will affect California, New Jersey, South Carolina and Wisconsin. Representatives explained this as a requirement of regulators.

What is known at the moment

Clients of the cryptocurrency exchange have lost the opportunity to deposit funds in staking. At the same time, the decision to suspend the function will not affect those assets that are already on freeze.

Representatives of the site also said that they will try to provide more information in the near future. There is no exact data yet on what changes the exchange will still make.

At the same time, Coinbase employees reported that this suspension will affect only the above four states. In other regions, changes will not be introduced yet.

Recall that last month the Commission filed a lawsuit against the cryptocurrency exchange. The agency believes that the platform trades illegal securities. She counts a number of tokens among them.

The crypto platform's staking program also sounds in the accusation. It should be noted that other regulators made similar claims at the same time. It's not just about the states listed above. Maryland, Vermont, Kentucky, Illinois, Alabama and Washington also distinguished themselves.

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