Trading on Grayscale has reached a new high

Last week, trading on Grayscale Bitcoin Trust reached a record 183 million. USD. This is the maximum value for the year. This was reported by The Block.

What is known at the moment

Interest in the asset has started to grow since last month. It coincided with the moment when the financial giant BlackRock applied to the agency to create a bitcoin ETF.

The publication previously reported that users have positive expectations for moving GBTC to an exchange-traded fund.

In the fall of 2021, Grayscale submitted the necessary applications. In December of the same year, the agency did not give an answer. At the end of the winter of 2022, the regulator also did not do this. In the summer, Grayscale already filed a lawsuit against the agency, as it received a response, but it was negative.

Note that the discount of the asset according to NAV fell to 28%. Before that, the figure was 44%. Last week, the agency decided to consider applications from other companies. However, approval or refusal has not yet been voiced.

Recall that the head of Circle said that applications for the use of an exchange-traded fund with bitcoin have been received by the department in such quantity that it can approve them.

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