The analogue of the Ordinal on Ethereum was hacked

We are talking about the Ethscriptions protocol. It releases digital artifacts on Ethereum. The Ordinal works similarly in the bitcoin blockchain. The other day it became known about the hacking of the protocol.

What the head of the project says

Tom Lehman reports that the protocol and the applications that work with it have remained untouched. At the same time, the hacker was able to withdraw more than 200 assets, using more than 120 addresses that are in the protocol storage.

At the moment, it is unknown how many funds were stolen. However, the OpenSea NFT marketplace says that part of the signatures was about 5 ETH. By the time of the transaction, the amount reaches approximately more than $ 9500.

The head noted that it was his fault. He took responsibility for himself. The specialist also claims that it is possible to track a hacker to the moment when he created a smart contract. The head of the project added that the hacker used an exploit in the code. Thanks to this, he was able to remove the artifacts unauthorized.

Lehman added that the marketplace was created to show people an example of creating a marketplace. They also wanted to help build an ecosystem. However, unfortunately, they did not cope with the task.

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