The Chainlink interconnection protocol will become available

The day after tomorrow, the developers of Chainlink (a project with decentralized oracles) will open early access to the cross-platform protocol (CCIP). It provides inter-network communication.

What is known about the protocol

The project was developed to combine decentralized applications in open and closed blockchains. First, the protocol will be added to the Goerli Arbitrum testnet, Fuji Avalanche and several other blockchains. 

The developers reported that the protocol will create a common interface that provides seamless interaction.

At the moment, support has already been integrated into Synthetix. Also, the BGD labs team has started implementing the protocol into its Aave.

CCIP differs from similar internetworking protocols. The latter use "wrapped assets". However, Chainlink has launched another solution. It works with smart contracts. They function between pools of tokens from different blockchains. At the same time, only verified projects are added.

The protocol includes an active risk control network. This allows for higher security, as constant monitoring is carried out. Validation of the behavior of the crypto network is also performed with additional verification of inter-network transactions from independent specialists.

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