Alpha version of Mantle Network launched

The Mantle L2-level project has announced the launch of the alpha version of the main crypto network. A fund was also created to support the site. Its amount is $ 200 million.

What is known about the project

Before the start of the crypto network, the development and testing lasted six months. Additionally, network security audits were conducted. During this period, the crypto network was able to conduct about 14 million operations.

The project is a combination of modular architecture, security and decentralized capabilities of Ethereum. This technique allows you to divide the execution, provide data access and consensus between different levels.

The site uses Optimistic Rollups technology. There is also work with restaking EigenLayer.

The protocol developers reported that L2 solutions give access to more advanced blockchain games and decentralized financial services that have low fees.

We launched the mainnet together with the Game7 blockchain game accelerator. Other crypto projects, such as KayerZero, EduDAO, etc., also participated in the launch.

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