Coinbase may face regulatory risks — Berenberg

The other day it became known that Coinbase stops access to staking in 4 US states. Analysts at Berenberg reported that this is a regulatory risk. This information is provided by The Block publication.

What information is there at the moment

Last week, the cryptocurrency exchange announced that users of 4 US states will not be able to participate in staking. We are talking about cities such as California, New Jersey, South Carolina and Wisconsin. At the same time, access will be temporarily restricted.

This happened against the background of a lawsuit filed in early June by the Sec against the crypto platform. The regulator stated that the exchange is hosting unregistered offers with securities. The latter refers to several crypto assets. Also among the charges was Coinbase Earn.

The same number of claims were made by other State regulators. We are talking about ten Commissions. Berenberg specialists noticed in this the prerequisites that the Earn product will be tested.

Experts also noted that the news of Ripple's partial victory was a reminder for investors, indicating significant and problematic issues from a regulatory point of view in the United States.

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