Benefits to employees of the Binance crypto exchange will be reduced

The Binance crypto exchange is going to reduce corporate privileges for its employees. The reason for this is the drop in profits. Such data is written by the WSJ publication.

What the publication writes

Starting tomorrow, the crypto exchange will stop offering employees some benefits. This applies to reimbursement of communication, fitness and remote work costs.

A representative of the exchange sent a message to employees saying that due to the current market environment and regulatory climate, the profit of the crypto platform has decreased. Therefore, employees need to be more careful with expenses. Binance also reported that it is possible to carry out other reductions.

It should be noted that on July 14, a meeting was held on the occasion of the 6th anniversary. On it, the head made a statement that the company remains profitable and it has no difficulties, even taking into account the SEC's lawsuit.

WSJ says that recently the crypto exchange has laid off more than a thousand employees. A representative of the site also confirmed the fact of dismissals. However, he did not name their exact number.

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