BNB in the amount of $2.4 billion is blocked in Arkham.

The Binance crypto exchange has finished publicly selling coins of the Arkham Intelligence analytical platform. Almost 114.5 thousand people participated in the process.

What is known about the ARKM tokensale

Almost 10.2 million BNB coins were blocked in the system. The amount is approximately $ 2.4 billion. The lock was at the time of the sale of coins. 50 million ARKM was allocated for Binance. The amount is about 5% of the total issue of tokens. The price was fixed at $0.05.

The exchange has been monitoring BNB user balances for almost a week. The final amount of funds for distribution depends on the total amount of tokens that are locked into the system.

The final conversion rate was able to reach 4.92 ARKM 1 BNB. Token trading on the exchange was opened today at 3 p.m. Moscow time. Now their cost is about $ 0.71.

Recall that Arkham recently announced the world's first trading platform where on-chain data will be published. Thanks to the marketplace, users will be able to share and receive data about protocols and cryptocurrencies for rewards.

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