Polychain Capital was able to receive 200 million investments

Polychain Capital focuses on the crypto industry. The company was able to get $200 million. to your IV fund for investment. This is written by Fortune.

What is known about investments

The above amount is comparable to the "I round", the organization has set a goal to raise a little less than $ 400 million. if she succeeds in raising funds, she will be able to invest in young crypto projects. At the same time, she focuses on L2 solutions for the Ethereum crypto network.

Pitchbook reports that the past 3 venture funds were able to raise about $2.6 billion. The data provider reports that this year 12 investment funds of the cryptocurrency direction were able to receive investments of about $ 1.7 billion. It should be noted that last year the figure amounted to $ 22.5 billion, with 91 funds participating.

Recall that last month the company took part in the strategic financing of the Connext interconnection protocol. Prior to that, she provided support to the EigenLayer and Scroll restaking project team. The latter is a second-level project based on ZK Rollup.

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