The Ripple coin continues to grow, and Bitcoin is falling

Over the past day, the value of the Ripple coin has increased by 6.5%. At the moment, according to CoinGecko, its price is approaching $ 0.79 per token.

What is known about growth

The last week has become a growing one for the Ripple coin. It showed an increase of 66%. The rally took place at the moment when a victorious decision was made for the company. We are talking about a trial lasting from 2020.

As a result of the growth of XRP quotes, the prices of other coins also began to rise. The correction has already passed, but the Ripple continues to grow.

At the same time, Bitcoin is trying to stay at the level of 30 thousand dollars per coin. According to the CoinGecko service, at the time of writing, it is trading at around $29929. Recall. That on July 14, it was trading at more than $ 31 thousand. however, the next day there was a collapse to $ 30 thousand. On the 17th, there was another collapse to $ 29.8 thousand.

Note that over the past day, all popular crypto assets have been able to keep their prices in the "green zone". Capitalization also remained almost at the same level — around $ 1.25 trillion. Bitcoin dominates the industry, taking a share of 47%.

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