Buterin announced the implementation of the profile abstraction in Ethereum

Profile abstraction is a catalyst that allows you to attract more than a billion users to the Ethereum crypto network. However, there are difficulties in its implementation. This was stated by Buterin, who is the co-founder of the crypto network.

What else does the developer report

Buterin claims that the introduction of the technology will allow the payment of commissions both through Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies used by network participants. In addition, abstraction will allow dApps to pay for customer transactions.

One of the founders of the crypto network also reported about the second innovation — "abstraction of signatures". It will provide developers with the ability to compile signatures. This will reduce gas costs.

However, taking into account the advantages, the introduction of technology will require overcoming many difficulties. Buterin notes that it is necessary to develop and implement the necessary EIP proposals to improve the crypto network.

He also noted that it will be necessary to make smart contracts out of profiles. Because of this, correct operation in L2 networks is required. There may also be problems with the integration of biometric technologies and wallets.

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