Polygon has a new management model

Polygon 2.0 is an L2-solution cryptoset. The developers announced the formation of the ecosystem council. This will improve the decentralization of control. First of all, they want to update the system of smart contracts.

What other changes can there be

To ensure a large-scale openness of the council's actions, they are going to launch a transparency tracking panel. The function will have open source code. It will allow the crypto community to monitor operations, their updating and the cycle of existence.

The main protocol and control of the Treasury will also be included in the management. The latter will be implemented through the integration of voting in the crypto community in two stages. This will make it possible to make decisions on the financing of crypto projects. What scheme will work as a result is not yet known. A vote will be held.

The management model also involves conducting a large-scale PIP on the crypto network stack. The team claims that they took the spirit and methods of building crypto communities in the Ethereum network as a basis for the development. 

To form a guide, the developers decided to include all interested parties. This includes validators, developers of decentralized applications and users themselves.

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