For the start of the ZK network, $ 25 million was raised.

Manta Network is a crypto network that is combined with an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Its developers were able to complete the Series A round. The amount of the collection was $ 25 million. This will allow you to run applications created on the basis of zero disclosure (ZK).

How was the fundraiser

Such large investors as Polychain Capital, SevenX Ventures and others participated in the financing. Within its framework, the project was estimated at $ 500 million.

The developers claim that their crypto project is a first-level network, which has the highest speed. They also conducted the launch of the L2 testnet for Apps with ZK-proof — Manta Pacific.

The invested assets will be used to scale the protocol, expand the user base and develop new ways to use L2 applications with ZK.

The head of the crypto network is Kenny Lee. He claims that the flagship platform already has more than 200 thousand unique crypto addresses and over 100 thousand users who have passed verification.

Lee also noted that privacy is ensured with the help of staking coins. They are provided by the user according to their assets on sites such as Binance.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

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