It is no longer possible to sell NFTs made on staking Ethereum on OpenSea

The team of the Ether platform.Fi stated that the OpenSea marketplace banned the sale of non-interchangeable tokens that are secured by staking ETH.

What is known at the moment

The Ether platform.Fi makes it possible to create an NFT for each validator created when staking Ethereum. The idea of the project is that for blocked coins, users will be able to receive deductions for each non-interchangeable token sold.

The General director of the protocol reported that about 3 thousand NFTs were generated in 24 hours. They have a security of 6.2 thousand ETH. These coins were displayed on the OpenSea marketplace.

But after a while, the listings on the sites disappeared for some reason. As a result, the marketplace has given a "formal letter" in which it says that it puts a ban on the publication of NFTs that can be used in financial activities.

The CEO also said that the ether collection.fan is simply wrapped in ethereum and has a profile picture function. Following this, the marketplace actually operates an unlicensed casino. Here, users gamble and lose millions by buying pictures of monkeys. He added that apparently this is normal, but their collection, which carries value, turns out to be prohibited, as it benefits.

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