Cosmic Wire was able to receive $30 million from Solan and Polygon

Cosmic Wire is an infrastructure Web 3.0 crypto project. The seed round of investment was recently closed. Its amount was $30 million. It was headed by Solana and Polygon.

Brief information about the startup

The project provides a toolkit for SDK developers. To do this, an AI is provided that allows you to create metaverses.

The startup additionally provides blockchain solutions, such as analytical platforms, electronic identification, applications for smart contracts and marketplaces.

The main infrastructure will be developed in the Solan ecosystem. The head of the crypto project noted that their SDK solutions can greatly reduce the time spent on creating high-quality metaverses in browsers that have electronic commercial tasks. The latter are necessary for digital products, CDNs and payment instruments.

The startup will use the funds received to accelerate development, increasing the level of decentralization, transparency and security in the ecosystem. At the same time, they will focus on confidentiality.

The crypto project additionally participates in the Google Cloud program in the field of Web 3.0. thanks to this, it will have access to personalization resources. This also includes a two-year loan.

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