Forge was the first to issue a French DASP license

We are talking about the Forge organization, which belongs to the conglomerate Siciete Generale. She was able to become a cryptocurrency service provider by obtaining a corresponding DASP license from the French regulator AMF.

What opportunities does the AMF license provide

The license allows the company to become a broker providing services for the storage, trading, sale, purchase of digital assets as a legal payment instrument.

The company's press release informs that thanks to the positive response of the regulator, they will be able to meet the needs of institutions. Additionally, this is a special stage according to the program launched in April to launch a regulated ETH-stable coin based on the euro.

Now 87 companies have been able to register with AMF. This includes branches of the largest crypto platforms, such as Binance, Bitpanda, etc. However, Forge is the first to achieve success.

AMF claims that companies must comply with a number of requirements regarding fin. resources, business behavior, etc.

Recall that in early spring, the government of the country introduced new rules regarding the issuance of licenses and registrations of companies related to cryptocurrency activities. At the same time, they have become softer than those that were originally offered. Since April, AMF has started to consider applications for compliance with the requirements of the adopted MiCA law at an accelerated pace.

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