The younger brother of the former head of FTX wanted to buy Nauru

It became known that the younger brother of the former SEO of the bankrupt FTX crypto exchange wanted to buy the state of Nauru. At the same time, he planned to use the assets of the users of the site. This is reported by The Block, referring to a new lawsuit against the platform.

What did he want to achieve with this

The goal was to turn the island into a post-apocalyptic type of refuge for those who believe in effective altruism. At the same time, it was planned to create a landfill where they wanted to conduct human genetic research, as well as perform other actions that should be done in an independent state.

At the moment, the management of the site is trying to return $ 1 billion. These funds were seized by former FTX executives or invested with them.

The complaints indicate transactions in which the families of the organizer of the site participated, including those that were disclosed earlier.

For example, the father of the founder of FTX illegally received a loan of $ 10 million directly from the site. At the same time, he uses these funds to finance the defense of his son in a criminal trial.

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