Ex-SEO Alameda Hid about FTX's lack of funds before the collapse announcement

Last spring, the Alameda crypto exchange was headed by Caroline Ellison. Then he sent a memo in which he spoke about the shortage of $ 10 billion from the crypto exchange. This is indicated in the court documentation.

What else has become known

In August, the managers analyzed the site's debt to customers. Then the amount was more than $ 8 billion. at the same time, the exchange was no longer able to repay them.

The case file says that now the management of the site is trying to return millions of dollars in cash. She also wants to withdraw more than a billion dollars from possible fraud transactions.

Earlier, Allison, together with technical director Gary Wang, confessed to the charges and decided to provide any cooperation with law enforcement agencies. For example, she told how the platform manipulated the value of the FTT utility coin.

She also said that she had deliberately deceived creditors. The specialist noted that she understood the wrongness of her actions. Together with the ex-CEO of FTX, she did not inform investors about the agreements. She also carried out forgery of financial reports.

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