CoinDesk is being prepared for sale

Recently it became known that investors have already reached the final stage of negotiations to buy the CoinDesk edition, which focuses on the cryptocurrency industry. This is reported by the WSJ, citing sources.

Is anything known about the deal?

The CoinDesk edition itself is estimated at $125 million. However, the size of the investment remains a secret. The group of investors is headed by representatives of Tally Capital and Capital 6.

Earlier this year, the WSJ reported that the parent company DCG is thinking about selling some or all of CoinDesk. Recall that it joined the company in 2016. Then it was bought in the limit of 0.5-0.6 million dollars.

Then it was reported that the maximum amount for purchase offers was $ 200 million. It should be noted that last year the publication was able to make a profit of $ 50 million.

A possible sale will soften the difficult situation of the parent company. recall that on May 22, the holding company had a payment delay. It amounted to 630 million and had to go to compensate Gemini Earn customers.

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