The Delio site announced a possible closure

Delio is a cryptolanding South Korean platform. She stated that she was experiencing difficulties in returning to her usual operating activities due to the seizure of FSC assets.

What kind of asset seizure are we talking about

The platform published a statement on its blog. She said that now there is a trial with investors, within the framework of which an arrest was imposed from the regulator. He touched on absolutely all assets that belong to both users and companies. The list also includes cold crypto wallets with ledgers.

Representatives of the site are concerned about whether they will have the opportunity to return to providing services as before.

Recall that last month the site introduced a temporary restriction on all operations. She explained this by the volatility of the market, as well as the difficulties of Haru Invest, a subsidiary that was engaged in digital asset management. She suspended the withdrawal of assets and deposits, as she had difficulties with service partners.

The platform at that moment gave an explanation for its actions. She stated that she wants to keep user funds. Representatives said that the moratorium will be lifted when the current situation and its possible consequences are resolved.

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