A series of tokens related to the rebranding of Twitter was created

Elon Musk, who bought out the social network Twitter, decided to change its name. It is planned to change it to "X". He is also going to remove the iconic blue bird to use in the logo. It is planned to use a black color scheme.

What does tokens have to do with it

The social network is going to be rebranded today. Elon Musk wrote a tweet where he announced at 7 a.m. that users would soon say goodbye to the logo of the social network. All other birds will also be removed.

In addition, the site is going to be moved to a new domain name x.com . It was registered back in the 90s under one of the billionaire's financial startups. At the moment, users are redirected to the microblogging site.

The businessman wants to transform the social network into a large-scale ecosystem that will be like WeChat. To do this, the entrepreneur created the technology company X Corp. she will become the mother for the social network.

Users were divided in opinion regarding the rebranding. For example, Dan Held called it madness.

Against the background of this news, tokens called "X" were launched. They appeared on decentralized crypto exchanges. At the same time, quotes are found both less than 1 cent and 20 cents per coin. Who created these tokens is unknown.

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